Stop Holding Your Prosperity Hostage


You know how some people — could be friends, colleagues or family — keep repeating the same tired “poor me” story of how hard life is and how they just can’t catch a break or worse just can’t seem to get ahead financially?

I was watching the Amazing Race the other night and one couple, the woman kept saying over and over again this always happens, we just can’t catch a break! She was talking about getting a taxi-cab when they wanted one. Guess what she was manifesting over and over …. no taxi-cab for them without having to wait a really long time.

You know what? I’m going to out myself! I used to be just like that. I mean YUK!

The truly sad part is I didn’t realize just how badly I was crippling my own prosperity and Spirituality.

Think about it, if someone — maybe you can relate to this — is always beating the same sad story of lack, guess what they’re going to keep right on attracting and manifesting? Exactly … more lack, disappointment, frustration, fear and doubt, which eats away at their self-worth, wondering if they’ll EVER get that break they pray for or repeat affirmation after affirmation to get out the whole they are in.

I’m serious. Here’s what I used to say with tears streaming down my face — thank you Angels but it’s not enough — then one day I got it. I really got it deep down.

What I got was … believing in myself, trusting that my Angels support me every step of the way. I’m still doing my part … meditation and gratitude journal every day, raising my inner-vibration and being consciously aware of my thoughts and emotions.

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Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.