Angels – Rainbow Angel Elianna Angel of the Realm of Orange Light

Orange symbolizes strength, courage, vibrant energy, warmth of the Sun. It is in part that which regenerates life, encourages growth both physical and Spiritual. There is a sense of renewal as the Sun rises each morn to kiss the dawning of a new day, a new cycle of birth and re-birth.

In the wake of a new day, opportunities to choose are limitless, contained only by your imagination. Orange is a combination of red and yellow infilling all who are willing to be infused with creativity, clarity of mind, accessing innate knowledge, discernment and self-empowerment.

Elianna, Angel of the Realm of Orange Light gifts all with empowerment, confidence and the ability to heal relationships. This Angel is at the center of all that would hold you where you are regarding relationships. Relationships begin with loving and accepting you as you are in this moment. The Rainbow spectrum holds many gifts of light, energy and choices to step outside of you. Elianna will instill within you a sense of confidence to move forward along your path. You need only ask.

Resonating with the Sacral Chakra, relationships are the connection you experience not only with you also with others. Relationships are the focal point of daily interaction with family, friends, partners, co-workers and most importantly with you. Start where you are, move through all that is now before you releasing all that would bind to what no longer is.

Citrine is the crystal which most closely resonates with the Sacral Chakra and with Angel Elianna.  When all is balanced within your Sacral Chakra energy center, there is balance in all areas of your life, your physical, emotional, mental and Spiritual energy bodies to include your Auric and Ethereal energy fields.  Citrine boosts creativity, balances the nervous system.

There is another naturally occurring crystalline formation which may of service to you. That is Ametrine, Amethyst and Citrine, which assist with self-expression and self-acceptance.  Ametrine will assist you in dissolving blockages within your emotional energy body, encouraging healing and forgiveness allowing you to move forward away from all that is now behind you.  Ametrine also assists in bridging all that
waits for you in the Realm of Spirit with all you desire to manifest into physical form.

A Message from Elianna*

Beloved child of light, do not despair for all begins to unfold before you just as the Sun rises to meet the day, turning darkness into light. All is not lost for there is healing in releasing that which is now behind you. Be willing to release you from the fear of not knowing when or how all is to unfold. Begin to express your truth, the truth of all you desire to release, all you desire to attract into your life. Be content where you are, start this moment, create space within your heart, within your thoughts. If there is little space in your mind and in your heart how then can there be room for another including you? Be content where you are; begin again this day seeing the truth of you. You are whole, complete and perfect now this moment. Be willing to step out of the shadows into the light. All is well with
you, trust this is so and it shall be so. *channeled through Terrie Marie the Angel Lady

Angel Elianna, when asked, will assist you in attaining all you desire and more in to your life, encouraging you to shift your energy allowing all you truly desire into you and through you improving your relationship with yourself and with others.

Be willing to work with Citrine during meditation. Place it where you will see it, reminding you of your truth, all you wish to release allowing your good to be attracted to you effortlessly without delay. Allow your Spirit to soar from where you are to where you choose to be.

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