Green Crystals and Gemstones – Emerald Stone of Clear Conscience


The Emerald is thought to be a bridge, a bridge between the mental and emotional planes; a bridge between two people; bringing into harmony both the desire to give and to receive love. It does not have the capacity on its own to bring about a healing effect in the physical body. It does however, with focused intention, aid the wearer, the receiver and the healer with a deeper energy vibration with which to assist healing.

Additional attributes include enhancing thoughts, emotions of forgiveness in the Self and others. Strengthening, expanding that which is known, and bridging the power of focused thought and mental acuity.

The Emerald is most closely associated and resonates with the deep Heart Center, affecting emotional healing at its very core. It was believed by Ancient Egyptians to protect travelers, when worn on the left arm; represents unconditional love, friendship, partnerships, a sense of unity.

The color ranges from deep grassy green to light, almost yellow-green. The energy signature, the vibrational frequency has the capacity to be soft, healing, loving, giving, strong, subtle and free-flowing.

*Angelic Realm Association:  Archangel Jophiel, whose name means “Beauty of God”, will assist you in seeing through the eyes of love; past surface appearances, past that which is perceived

*Healing Properties: compassion, love, physical strength, capable of alleviating back pain

*Vibrational Frequency: delicate, strong, subtle, free-flowing

*Spiritual Properties: ability to enhance wisdom on the mental plane; expands giving and receiving within the heart and mind

It is best not to wear an emerald constantly as it may overestimate mental activity, perhaps causing loss of sleep, excess mind chatter.

The luster of an Emerald may appear flawed, do not mistake this to be an inferior gemstone for its healing properties are not yet complete understood. Be gentle with yourself as you work and wear this incredible green gemstone.

How do you work with Emerald?

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