the Sacred Warrior within us all clears our Spiritual Path

There are many more facets to each and every one of us than our Ego human-self can comprehend.

One of these facets is the Sacred Warrior buried deep within the recesses of our Soul. Hanael is the Angel who is literally standing by to help us connect with that Sacred Warrior within.

Among the many characteristics of our Sacred Warrior are …

… the Champion who encourages us to stand up and show-up for ourselves

… Loyalty to our commitment to live our purpose, making a difference, fulfilling the deep burning desire within our heart center

… Innocence of Spirit which enables us to step out beyond everything we have ever known, trusting there will be stones to step upon or we will be taught to fly

And …

… Victory over in-bred and inherited fears and doubt, negative beliefs about being worthy and deserving to manifest our dreams and achieve our goals AND live in prosperity and abundance with contentment

Working with Hanael is Jophiel who is ready to help us connect with that sense of wonder as things, people and opportunities begin showing-up in seemingly magical, mystical ways.

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Archangel Jophiel can also help us celebrate our many successes and victories along the way.

Opening ourselves up to the thrill of following Angelic Guidance is exciting as this presents many more doors to open, discover, explore and learn more about ourselves in ways we have yet to imagine.

Being on your Spiritual Path, come what may, is an adventure for the strong of heart. Heart of the Angels Oracle reading

Jophiel and Hanael work hand-in-hand with you to unlock the Sacred Warrior with you.

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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