Angel Guided Healing Meditation with Archangel Raphael


On February 20th, it was a pleasure and an honor to host my first live Angel Gathering here in El Paso, Texas!

The intention is to open this experience to as many “Earth Angels” as possible, worldwide. With that said, the International Angel Gathering is happening in just a few days!

What is an Angel Gathering? It is an opportunity for us — all of us — to come together for healing, connection and guidance from Angels.

Here’s what happens … we come “gather” or come together in person in my home AND online at the same time. Yes, this is a live virtual International Angel Gathering, connecting with each other for very powerful Angelic Healing Energy for ourselves, each other and our planet.

It’s also about raising the vibration of our world, Mother Earth and our inner-vibration.

This is the “flow” for our International Angel Gathering ..

#1 – set Sacred Space with a short invocation to calm our energies, center thoughts, ground and exchange excess energy with Mother Earth’s healing energies

#2 – Angel Guided Healing Meditation as channeled from Archangel Raphael. We start our Healing Circle by silently saying the names of friends, family, co-workers and loved ones, placing them “into the Healing Circle.” Remember to put yourself into the “Healing Circle” … animals, the environment … you get the idea.

#3 – Red Burning Bowl Ceremony – this is where we take a few minutes to write out on slips of paper what we want to release, heal and also what we want to bring in and manifest.

#4 – Angel Guided Meditation – short teaching point about the Angel being channeled for the meditation to bring in the Angel’s energy. We will be using the book “Sacred Angel Realms: A Pocket Guide into Nine Angelic Hierarchies” in case you want you want to follow along.

The best part — in my humble opinion — is this; our International Angel Gathering is FREE and always will be! You will need to register to “attend” our Live Virtual event.

I’d love to share a little bit about the Angel Guided Healing Circle Meditation with Archangel Raphael, to give you some insight to see if this is a “fit” for you … it may not be.

During the Angel Guided Healing Circle Meditation, Archangel Raphael is our primary guide, filling us with his powerful Emerald Green healing light. Archangel Metatron, Archangel Jophiel and Angel Balthiel were also with us helping us cleanse, balance and align our Chakras, healing physical bodies for each other, ourselves and across the world, family and friends, animals, plants and of course, Mother Earth too.

It was quite powerful!

You are going to join us won’t you? Just click on the link below to register International Angel Gathering

Oh, nearly forgot to mention …

*this, the International Angel Gathering, is being recorded so even if you can’t join us live because of the time difference — OR — you want to listen again, you can

— AND —

*there is a “closed” Facebook Group for all of us to share our Angel Gathering meditation experiences and to stay connected

More about our Red Burning Bowl Ceremony tomorrow!

Much Love, Light, Peace and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.


  1. Wow that’s amazing Terrie! Good on you sweet Angel 🙂 I’ll definitely check it out, and will no doubt need to be remotely connected, as I live in New Zealand 🙂 thanks, Sharon

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