Do you know WHO your 9 member Angel Dream Team, Heavenly Advisors are?


Do you know WHO your 9 member Angel Dream Team, Heavenly Advisors are?

Here are mine and what each member of my personal Heavenly Advisors help me with every day …

*Angel Daniela – Peace and Harmony

*Archangel Zadkiel – Divine Justice and Right Action

*Angel Barbelo – Prosperity and Abundance, and Good Fortune

*Angel Zachariah – Victory, Transformation and Remembering the Ancient Spiritual Teachings

*Archangel Jophiel – Unconditional Love, Heart-Healing and Prosperity through Love

*Archangel Michael – Clear Path, Protection, Freedom from Attachments, Focus, Life-Purpose

*Angel Ana’el – Love, Relationships, Grace of God

*Angel Arad – Belief in myself to Fulfill my Life-Purpose, Divine Spark of Divinity, Re-Discover Inner-Self

*Angel Shamshiel – Being of Service, Staying My Course, Staying in the Light, Transformation and Spiritual Alchemy

Do you want to know who your Angel Dream Team, Heavenly Advisors are, how to connect, activate AND how to call a meeting and work with them?

Click here to request your Complimentary Angel Dream Team Breakthrough Strategy Session there’s still a little time but this ends in just a few hours!

My calendar is nearly filled with so many requests but this is ending and it won’t be offered again until June or July 2015.

Just so you know when we — my Angels and I — accept individual clients, my “hourly rate” comes to $650 per hour.

And these Breakthrough Sessions are normally $497 – but, I’m waving this fee for a short time.

These complimentary sessions always go very quickly,  click here now, so you don’t miss out, or give me a quick call at 915-203-2531 to schedule your session today.

Much Love, Light and Prosperity,

Angel Lady Terrie Marie, D.Ms.

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